healthy weight gain

to maintain a

4 tips

for pregnancy

Your growing baby, the placenta, amniotic fluid, and increased blood volume all contribute to pregnancy weight gain amongst other things. It’s normal to see the number on the scale go up as your due date gets closer, but this may not always be a completely linear path!

eat a balanced  diet


It all starts with the food you feed both your body and your growing baby! A balanced diet is key during pregnancy to avoid unhealthy weight gain and give the best start to baby.

stay hydrated


Drinking enough water is necessary both for avoiding unhealthy weight gain and supporting your pregnancy journey! Pregnant women need to drink more water than the average non-pregnant person for many reasons!

Pregnancy- friendly exercise


Exercise has plenty of health benefits, but it’s, of course, important to find something you actually enjoy doing. If you want to exercise regularly, find an accountable friend and do something you find joy in.

manage  cravings


Cravings are part of all pregnancies, there’s no denying that, and for the most part, they are totally normal. But, they can get out of hand for some people, and if they are really strong, this could indicate a potential problem.

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