Prenatal vitamin before pregnancy

5 benefits

of taking a

There are so many things that contribute to having a healthy pregnancy. You should strive for a healthy diet, regular physical activity, low stress levels, plenty of fluids, and consider starting a prenatal vitamin. Prenatal vitamins are one way to contribute to a healthy pregnancy!

Develop  Healthier Eggs


Just adding any ol’ prenatal vitamin to your routine won’t guarantee you get pregnant, unfortunately. But a nutrient-dense diet in combination with a prenatal vitamin can increase the likelihood of you conceiving.

Avoid irregularities in the first weeks


A balanced diet with key nutrients prior to pregnancy can help to prevent any birth defects. Your baby’s brain and spinal cord begin developing in the first few weeks before many women know they are pregnant.

reduce preterm birth


If you start taking prenatal vitamins before trying to conceive, it can help lower the chances of giving birth before term. Thanks to the key nutrients found in many prenatal vitamins.

get enough iron


Did you know that pregnant women need twice the amount of iron? This is one of the most popular nutrients included in prenatal vitamins.

food aversions during first trimester


Additionally, when the first trimester hits, you may not be able to eat much. During this time, your body largely relies on the nutrient stores you built up before you became pregnant!

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