5 Foods to Avoid Swelling during Pregnancy

Lucky for all pregnant women out there, a healthy prenatal diet can help to reduce swelling during pregnancy!  Accompanied by a well-rounded diet, there are certain foods you can eat to avoid swollen feet, ankles, and hands.

Sweet Potatoes

When you want to cut that swelling in half, potassium will be your new BFF! Both sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are some of the foods with the highest potassium content out there.

Dark Chocolate

The magnesium content of dark chocolate is what will help reduce your swelling, but again, it should be enjoyed in moderation.


Avocados are another great source of potassium, and they have tons of other health benefits like there healthy fats, fiber, and folate.


Swelling caused by a true protein deficiency is not super common during pregnancy, but as just mentioned, you should always be aware of your protein intake.

Natural Diuretics

Natural diuretic foods like asparagus, artichokes, celery, leafy greens, and carrots help to lessen swelling during pregnancy by causing an increase in the excretion of fluids through the kidneys.

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