Drinks  to Avoid during pregnancy

Let’s face it, drinking plain water as your only source of hydration can get boring after some time. You might even feel the need to grab a soda or a warm cup of coffee to change it up and give your taste buds some flavor. However, those choices are not always the best during pregnancy.

Raw Milk

Any unpasteurized beverage is a risk, but milk may be an even higher risk unpasteurized product. To protect your growing baby, shop for milk that reads “pasteurized” on the label.

Unpasteurized Juices

Make sure to go for pasteurized juices. However, in general, our best bet is to limit the consumption of juice and go for the whole fruit which contains beneficial fiber!

Sugary Drinks

Sugar is not banned for pregnant women, but rather should be advised against sugary drinks as the sugar in these drinks can really add up quickly even in some fruit juices and especially soft drinks.


Alcohol is the one thing pretty much everyone knows they need to avoid while pregnant. No amount of alcohol is considered safe for pregnancy. It’s best to refrain from alcohol entirely during pregnancy.

Excessive Coffee

Coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate are all extremely popular worldwide, but we do want to caution drinking excessive amounts of caffeine during pregnancy. It can lead to unwanted pregnancy outcomes.

Energy Drinks

Most energy drinks contain significant amounts of caffeine and added sugar, two ingredients you want to limit! These drinks may even cause unpleasant symptoms during your pregnancy like anxiety, heartburn, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rate.

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