Risks of Kombucha during Pregnancy

There is an overall lack of information related to drinking kombucha while pregnant. These potential risks have not gone through in-depth research in relation to pregnancy yet. But they might just be enough reason to take a break from kombucha while pregnant!

Unpasteurized Product

This fermented beverage contains a lot of good bacteria that work wonders for your gut health. However, unpasteurized is not recommended during pregnancy.

Contains Caffeine

The amount of caffeine varies depending on the tea leaves used to prepare it. If you are avoiding caffeine, you may want to pass on kombucha.

Small amount of alcohol

Now, this is one of the biggest risks and reasons why kombucha often gets the “no” for pregnancy. There is a small trace of naturally occurring alcohol in this beverage because it is fermented.

May contain a lot of sugar

Because the flavor largely depends on what is added to it, some brands use a lot of sugar to sweeten their drink. Every brand is different.

Can cause heartburn

Kombucha is acidic and carbonated. Both of which can increase heartburn symptoms, and bloating potentially.

Harmful bacteria can creep in

This is an issue almost entirely unique to home-brewed kombucha. Still, there’s always a risk if the product has not been pasteurized.

To get learn more about the safety of kombucha for pregnancy click the link below!