Fruit based snack ideas for pregnancy

Just like in everyday life, consuming fruits during pregnancy has many benefits. They offer tons of essential nutrients to support the pregnancy and the growing baby.

Fresh Fruit

The easiest fruit snack to consume during pregnancy is fresh fruit. Think apples, oranges, sliced watermelon, mangos, bananas, and berries.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits like figs, apricots, oranges, raisins, peaches, prunes, and cranberries are rich sources of iron, potassium, vitamin C, and many other essential nutrients.

Fruit Smoothie

The best thing about pregnancy smoothies is that you can feel free to add any mix of fruits (or vegetables) to your smoothie and make it to your preference.

Yogurt with fruit

To make plain greek yogurt a delicious fruit snack, simply add your favorite fruits. This will not only improve the taste of your yogurt, but it will also increase the nutritional value of this yummy snack.

Chocolate covered fruit

Whip up some chocolate covered apples, oranges, peaches, pineapple, grapes, or any fruit for that matter. Just remember, as with any sweet treat during pregnancy, to consume in moderation.

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