How to

stay hydrated

during pregnancy

The body needs plenty of fluids in order to support pregnancy as well as a growing and changing body.

set a daily fluid goal


Water should contribute to a large majority of your fluid needs.

drink an electrolyte beverage


These drinks also help you to replenish electrolytes, including magnesium and potassium

flavor your water with fruit


Adding fruit to your water can help you change up the flavor very easily.

increase fruit & vegetable intake


By incorporating more high water fruits and vegetables into your diet, you can up your hydration and your nutrition.

drink fluids throughout  the day


You can accomplish this by setting reminders and keeping your water bottle within reach.

Limit caffeine intake


High caffeine beverages in excess can affect your hydration

be mindful of  the heat


When we’re hot, we sweat more and need extra fluid. This makes it extra important to be sure you’re staying hydrated.

Hold yourself accountable


Using some form of accountability can help to ensure you’re meeting your hydration needs each and every day.

Know signs of dehydration


By knowing the signs and symptoms of dehydration, you can prevent this issue or contact your doctor right away.

Check out the link below for more information on how to stay hydrated during pregnancy!