Pro's & Con's 

protein bars

during pregnancy

of eating

The protein bar is a convenient snack to get protein in during the day but there are pro's & con's we want to look out for during pregnancy! 

Perfect on-the- go snack


Protein bars are so popular because of their convenience. You can grab one whenever you are in a hurry or traveling.

This snack packs a punch of protein in every little bite. This nutrient is crucial for a healthy pregnancy, and is quite literally the building blocks of your baby.

Quick source of protein


Protein bars are packed with healthy fats, carbohydrates, and a decent amount of fiber, hopefully.

Packed full of  other nutrients


Vary widely in calories


Since most are high in protein and healthy fats, the calories in these snacks are usually more than expected.

Some sugary protein bars should be seen as sweet treats, not healthy bites. You’ll easily be able to tell by taking a peak at the “added sugars” section on the label.

Some are high in sugar


There’s no guarantee every bar in the store will be made only from natural ingredients and filled with nutrients. 

Most contain additives


Check out the link below more info including a list of pregnancy approved bars!