Why you should stay hydrated during pregnancy

Consuming enough water ensures a pregnant woman produces sufficient amniotic fluid, builds new tissue, absorbs and transports essential nutrients to the growing fetus, generates extra blood, and improves their digestive flow.

Reduces Constipation

Drinking enough water ensures everything flows properly through your gastrointestinal tract.

Skin Health

By drinking enough water, you are helping your skin maintain it’s moisture and natural glow.

Decreases leg cramps

If you find yourself cramping often, you may need to up your fluid intake and focus on high magnesium foods!

Transports nutrients to baby

All the food, prenatal vitamins, and minerals you are consuming each day are transported to your baby through water.

Increases energy levels

Water helps to energize your muscles because a good balance of fluids in the body contributes to the proper performance of your cells.

Prevents bladder infections

Water dissolves waste and flushes bacteria away from the urethra. This is how bladder infections are prevented.

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