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We are so happy you are here, and can’t wait to show you how you can have a feel-good pregnancy! Our team is dedicated to providing the most up to date nutrition information in an easy to understand format to make your navigation to motherhood easier.
Ryann Kipping headshot

I’m Ryann Kipping

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics / Commission on Dietetics Registration

Owner + Founder, The Prenatal Nutritionist

I’ve helped hundreds of women escape confusing and outdated nutrition information to find a happy, feel-good pregnancy.

Simply put, advice to “take a prenatal vitamin” is not enough. If there is any time in your life to make nutrition a priority, it’s now.

Eating for two people is different than eating for one. Appetite changes, intense cravings, morning sickness, and heartburn comes in winds and you’re forced to lean into your body’s cues like never before.

During pregnancy, you have to eat intentionally and I’m here to make it easy for you. I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to spend another minute debating your every bite.

Having the “pregnancy glow” is great and all, but feeling that glow (confidence, nourishment, and energy) on the inside is what matters the most.

Want to learn how I became the Prenatal Nutritionist? Listen to my story!

Get to Know the Team

Alexa D’Orazio headshot

Alexa D’Orazio


The Prenatal Nutrition Library Writer

Favorite Snack:

Raspberries in yoghurt topped with granola

Favorite Travel Destination:

Costa Rica

Anna Theresa-Redding headshot

Anna-Theresa Redding

BSc (Hons), ANutrition

The Prenatal Nutrition Library Writer

Favorite Snack:

Tzatziki with veggie sticks 

Favorite Travel Destination:

Isles of Sicily

Autumn Schroeder headshot

Brand & Communications Coordinator

Favorite Snack:

Cheese and crackers

Favorite Travel Destination:

Anywhere with culture, architecture, and a nice beach doesn’t hurt

Jorden Edinger headshot

Jorden Edinger


Instagram Manager

Favorite Snack:

Mixed fruit bowls (kiwi, green apple slices, strawberries, blueberries) with a few dark chocolate chips on the side!

Favorite Travel Destination:

Charleston, SC

Fergie the dog headshot


Mascot & Recipe Approver

Favorite Snack:

Bananas or cheese

Favorite Travel Destination:

Any beach with rocks


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