3 Ways to Ace Preconception Nutrition

3 Ways to ACE Preconception Nutrition If you are planning your pregnancy, NOW is the time to optimize your intake to its full potential. Why? It is ideal to reach your very best nutrition prior to actually becoming pregnant because the first trimester comes quick and...

How to Manage Morning Sickness

How to Manage Morning Sickness The key question I want to answer in this blog is, "how is baby getting enough nutrients if I am having so much nausea that I can barely keep any food down, not even one cracker." This is a question that I get quite frequently which is...

Savory Instant Pot Beef Stew

Instant Pot Beef Stew Total time: 45 minutes Servings:  ~ 8 (depends on serving size) Ingredients: 1- 1.5 lbs stew meat 1 bag Trader Joe's tiny white potatoes 1 bag of baby carrots ½ Acorn Squash 2 shallots 32 oz. broth (veggie, beef, or chicken) 1 tbsp tomato paste 2...

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