10 websites to visit for reliable info

10 Websites to Visit for Reliable Info on health

Let’s all agree you never know what you are going to get when searching on Google…

With all the information out there today it is HARD (sometimes even for health professionals) to find reliable websites and blogs. How do we know who to believe? Why should I trust what they say?

Since personally collecting data on where moms went to find nutrition information during pregnancy, I have become even MORE aware that this is a problem. The ever mighty Google was an answer I received frequently. Along with Pinterest and visiting random websites (i.e Google). 
While I love Pinterest for recipe inspiration and travel tips, it is not somewhere where I would advise visiting to find information regarding health and nutrition. And definitely not during pregnancy (the most important time in your life to get nutrition right).
This is not to say you absolutely can’t find good/correct information on Pinterest or on “random websites”. But I do think it is a safer bet to visit one of these websites below to ensure the information you are reading is evidenced-based. And from trusted health professionals too (in no particular order).

10 Websites to Visit for Reliable Info


How do I know if a website is reliable?

This list is not all in all-inclusive are other websites out there that are reliable. Most websites that end in .gov or are University run (.edu like Harvard School of Public Health) are going to be trustworthy. If you are reading a blog [ like this one (; ], check the persons credentials – dietitians (RD’s) , nurses (BSN), lactation consultants (IBCLC), and physicians (MD’s or OBGYN’s) are all generally safe bets. 
It is ok not to believe everything that is said on these sites, too. It is not that they aren’t knowledgeable, it may just be that they haven’t read the latest research. So I would recommend checking several sites on your topic of interest. And gather as many different perspectives as possible.
– Ryann Kipping, RDN, CLEC

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