3 Ways to Ace Preconception Nutrition

3 Ways to ACE Preconception Nutrition

3 Ways to Ace Preconception NutritionIf you are planning your pregnancy, NOW is the time to optimize your nutrition to its full potential. Here are 3 ways to ace your preconception nutrition.


It is ideal to reach your very best nutrition prior to actually becoming pregnant because the first trimester comes quick and can be really hard (hello, morning sickness). Also, not to mention the baby’s main organs almost immediately begin developing before most women know they are pregnant!

Can you see why optimizing your nutrient stores before becoming pregnant is necessary?

Here are 3 ways to get started:

1. Get in a routine that works for YOU!

If this means writing a weekly menu, picking one day to meal prep, investing in a meal delivery service, joining a new gym, joining The Prenatal Nutrition Library or hiring a nutritionist to provide you with an individualized nutrition plan and specific guidance/accountability, start doing it now. I’ll free you from all the do’s and don’ts that come with pregnancy, one thing Google does a poor job of doing.

Finding a routine and mastering nutrition now will relieve anxiety for when you actually become pregnant. Hopefully there will be no “freak out” that you need to change all these things about your diet since you’ve already prepared for it! An important note, there is NO one diet fits all, this is why I say find what works for YOU, not do what worked for Suzy.

2. Talk to your partner about getting serious

I mean real talk about getting the whole house on board with a healthy lifestyle change.

It’s hard to go about a healthy change alone. And frankly, it sucks when one person is gung ho about healthy eating and the other is just not. If you need to, talk with your partner and explain to them why this is important to you, hopefully they agree and want the same things as you.

Ask yourself a few questions to assess your current lifestyle. How many times do we eat out per week? How much water do I drink per day? And how many times a day/week do we eat vegetables? There are 3 goals you guys can set together right there! Write them down and put them on the fridge. Maybe even get one of those super popular letter boards, why not make it fancy? Another accountability tip to try is setting reminders in your phone – “drink a glass of water!”

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[Not my own letter board, photo from Pinterest, vintagerevivals.com]

3. Learn to love your new healthy lifestyle.

Many people think eating healthy has to be bland, boring, and an overall chore. This is the farthest from true!

Some tips are to try new cuisines and cooking methods to bring creativity to the kitchen. Many people get stuck cooking the same ten foods in the same three ways they always do. No wonder you are bored!Try various cooking methods such as roasting, sautéing, or baking, and new cuisines like Indian, Korean, or French.

With these 3 ways to ace preconception nutrition you are headed to a healthy future pregnancy.

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