Can You Drink Liquid IV While Pregnant?

Can You Drink Liquid IV While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, nothing is more important than keeping yourself and your little one safe and healthy. One of the biggest nutritional keys is staying properly hydrated.

I know, I know, drinking water sounds so basic; it’s something I’m sure you hear all the time. However, getting enough H2O is crucial for your baby’s development. I’m talking about huge benefits like proper growth of the placenta, maintaining healthy blood flow to give your baby nutrients and oxygen, and even reducing the risk of complications like preterm labor. Not to mention, it plays a role in cushioning your little one with plenty of amniotic fluid.

Some moms or moms-to-be find it easy to carry around a big reusable bottle. It’s easy to carry around and refill wherever. But others battle water aversions and have difficulty sipping much, especially as our fluid needs are heightened during pregnancy. This often leads to questions about trendier options, like Liquid IV, which promises refreshing electrolyte boosts.

But here’s the big question: are those electrolyte products 100% safe for pregnant ladies? Could they cause harm and impact the baby?

Let’s dive into the details and clarify whether Liquid IV is safe for pregnant women.

Can You Drink Liquid IV While Pregnant?

Can You Drink Liquid IV While Pregnant?

Fluid needs are increased during pregnancy. In the worst case, inadequate fluid status can lead to dehydration. This is dangerous at any time, including during pregnancy. It could lead to complications like preterm birth or developmental issues for the baby. 

Hydration is one of those things that’s just so important when you’ve got a tiny human growing inside you. We all know drinking water should be the answer, right? But let’s be real, sometimes good old H2O just doesn’t cut it.

When you’re pregnant, your body undergoes all sorts of changes, and your hydration needs can heighten far beyond what you’re used to. Your blood volume also increases by a whopping 50%! That means you need to drink more fluids than you normally would to stay hydrated. And if you’re dealing with morning sickness and vomiting, your hydration demands increase even more.

Regular water intake is always a great start. The general rule of thumb for “How Much Water Should a Pregnant Woman Drink?” is at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day. However, this is a “best guess” and highly individualized. I often recommend at least 100 ounces of fluids per day. Either way, drinking enough plain old water to meet your boosted hydration needs can be hard. That’s where hydration multipliers like Liquid IV are thought to be a total game-changer.

Electrolyte drinks can indeed be one of the best drinks for early pregnancy. They can help support hydration and replenish during severe morning sickness or vomiting, which makes it difficult to keep regular fluids down. It can also be a convenient way to get fast, efficient electrolytes essential for adequate hydration and many other functions. 

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What Is Liquid IV?

Electrolyte beverages and powders, like Liquid IV, are options made to easily and quickly support hydration. Some electrolyte options are better quality in their ingredients and amount of electrolytes than others.

During pregnancy, electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, and potassium help regulate fluid balance, support nerve function, and prevent muscle cramps. Ensuring adequate intake through balanced nutrition and hydration is crucial for a healthy pregnancy journey. Staying hydrated and eating foods rich in electrolytes can help support both mom and baby’s well-being.

Now, what about Liquid IV for pregnant women? I think it’s an okay option. The regular Liquid IV contains about 11 grams of added sugar, depending on the flavor. However, they have recently created a sugar-free version sweetened with stevia. Liquid IV is also lacking in magnesium. It ultimately depends on your needs and preferences, though. 

When hydration support is necessary, Needed Hydration Support (code: RYANN), LMNT, and Seeking Health Electrolyte Sticks (code: RYANN10) are a few of my go-to electrolyte powder recommendations. We review even more options on the market inside The Prenatal Nutrition Library App. 

Can You Drink Liquid IV While Pregnant?

Is Liquid IV Safe To Drink While Pregnant?

There are no doubt mixed reviews on the internet about electrolyte beverages, like Liquid IV, and whether they’re totally safe for pregnant women. The good news is that they are generally safe to include during pregnancy when you need a hydration boost.

As mentioned above, some electrolyte powders have better-quality ingredients than others. It’s always important to read labels and see what’s in the product, too. Check for added grasses, herbs, and enzymes that lack safety data or are not recommended for pregnancy.

Every pregnancy journey is unique, including your body, your needs, and your situation. So, even if it’s generally safe to add an electrolyte powder during pregnancy, it’s still a smart idea to check in with your dietitian before adding any new supplement to your routine just to be certain it’s right for you.

Oh, and two more things to remember about Liquid IV: it contains added sugar, and the “energy multiplier” has 100 mg of caffeine. We all know both added sugar and caffeine are best kept in moderation while pregnant. Most experts suggest stopping at one Liquid IV stick per day, being mindful of overall caffeine and added sugar intake, and skipping other energy drinks altogether. A little caffeine is okay, but you don’t want to go overboard.

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How To Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

Aside from electrolyte powders and beverages, here are 5 tips on how to stay hydrated during pregnancy:

Sip Throughout the Day

Instead of guzzling a ton of fluids at once, take little sips consistently throughout the day. Keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times as a visual reminder. Set reminders on your phone to take water breaks every hour. This steady-sipping approach can help you meet your increased fluid needs.

Infuse Your Water 

Plain water can get boring fast. Jazz it up by infusing your H2O with fresh fruits, veggies, or herbs—lemon, lime, cucumber, strawberry, mint–the options are endless! The subtle flavors make hydrating much more enjoyable and may even encourage you to drink more. Plus, you’re sneaking in some extra vitamins and minerals.

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Limit Caffeinated Drinks

While most people can enjoy a morning cup of coffee in limited amounts during pregnancy, coffee doesn’t count much toward your fluid goal beyond one cup. Limit caffeinated beverages as much as possible, and be sure to drink extra water when you do indulge to stay ahead of the diuretic effects.  

Eat Your Water

Hydration doesn’t just come from drinking water all day! Many delicious fruits and veggies will keep you hydrated and nourish you and your growing baby.

Fruits and veggies like lettuce, watermelon, strawberries, peaches, cucumber, cantaloupe, and celery are water in solid form at 89-96% water content!

The best part is that you’re getting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants along with some fluids – all the good stuff to nourish you and help your baby grow strong.

Listen to Your Body 

Your hydration needs may fluctuate throughout your pregnancy. If you feel thirsty, that’s your body’s way of telling you to drink up. Symptoms like headaches, leg cramps, dark yellow urine, and swollen feet or hands can also signal dehydration. Pay attention to those cues, and don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor and increase your fluid intake. 

Can You Drink Liquid IV While Pregnant?

Your fluid needs increase during pregnancy, and staying adequately hydrated is important!

Between heightened needs and the need to replenish when morning sickness strikes, it’s super important to make proper hydration a habit. Always have a water bottle within reach when you’re out and about. An electrolyte powder can be a super useful tool to help meet these demands. Getting your daily dose of H2O and plenty of electrolytes will help ensure you and your baby will be properly hydrated and happy campers.

Every single day with a growing baby in your belly brings new questions. There’s so much confusion over what’s safe, what’s not, what you should or shouldn’t be doing. It can feel overwhelming trying to make the “right” choices always. You just want to do what’s best!

The good news is that you never have to figure it out alone! The Prenatal Nutrition Library App (TPNL) is an awesome resource that lays everything out. It contains evidence-based preconception and pregnancy nutrition information from nutrition experts, and it’s also available at your fingertips with our easily searchable app! Download it here!

We even have stage-specific meal plans to take the guesswork out of meeting nutrient needs from preconception through delivery. You can download our FREE 1-week pregnancy meal plan to get a taste! How cool is that? See you there!

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