Does Root Beer Have Caffeine In It? 

Does Root Beer Have Caffeine

Root beer is a uniquely flavored soft drink that is well-loved across the United States and beyond. This special drink has a sweet and spicy flavor profile. Derived from ingredients like sassafras root and wintergreen, it tastes unlike any other beverage on the market! You may think of adding ice cream for a root beer float!

It’s no surprise that root beer is one of the most common cravings reported among pregnant women– are you here because you are craving it? Let me know in the comments below! The nostalgic aromas and flavors can become irresistible in any trimester of pregnancy. However, root beer contains various natural and artificial ingredients that mimic its signature taste. Do these pose potential risks during pregnancy if consumed in excess?

Given that root beer possesses a complex blend of components, whether it contains caffeine is of particular concern for expectant mothers, especially since most soft drinks do have caffeine! Caffeine is widely acknowledged to be best limited during pregnancy. At the same time, safely satisfying common pregnancy cravings is important for maternal health and well-being!

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Today, I will delve into the topic of whether or not root beer has caffeine.

Some mainstream brands may contain small amounts of added stimulants like guarana, which sneaks in small amounts of added caffeine to this traditionally caffeine-free beverage. The goal is to help you make confident choices regarding this quintessential soft drink! 

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Does Root Beer Have Caffeine In It? 

While root beer is naturally caffeine-free, some popular mass-produced brands contain small amounts of added caffeine from sources like guarana. 

Root beer originates from a tradition of brewing a soothing, spiced beverage using sassafras root as the primary flavoring. Historically, root beer produced using only sassafras would not contain any mg of caffeine. Modern versions produced by smaller artisanal companies often use solely herbal and aromatic ingredients without added stimulants.

Most root beer brands do not add caffeine. A&W is an example of a well-known brand that is free from caffeine. Barq’s root beer contains a small amount of caffeine, at about 22 mg per 12-fluid-ounce serving. It’s a relatively small amount compared to coffee or other soda varieties. 

Does Root Beer Have Caffeine In It? 

Is Root Beer Safe During Pregnancy? 

Given that root beer contains only trace amounts of caffeine, if any, is it safe for pregnant women to drink?

Generally, yes– root beer can be considered safe during pregnancy when consumed in moderation. As I mentioned earlier, a well-known brand that does add caffeine has an amount of 22 mg per 12 oz serving. It’s unlikely a pregnant woman will overdue caffeine intake with rootbeer, but it’s something to consider in the context of other choices that contain caffeine. 

Root beer’s carbonated bubbles and added sugar are two additional factors to consider. Some individuals experience gas and bloating when drinking carbonated beverages. If you incorporate root beer, sip slowly versus gulping down the can quickly to reduce these symptoms. 

For occasional enjoyment and satisfying common cravings, the trace caffeine in root beer is not a significant concern when intake is reasonable. Of course, it’s always smart to check labels and pick a certified caffeine-free brand or homemade recipe if you want to avoid all sources of caffeine. 

Moderation is key when consuming any sugary soft drink like root beer or coca cola. It’s important to remember that while root beer doesn’t contain a significant amount of caffeine or can be caffeine-free, a can of root beer contains around 30-40 (or more) grams of sugar. High-fructose corn syrup is a common source of this added sugar. 

Limiting portions of sugary soft drinks during pregnancy is sensible advice. It does not offer health benefits to mom or baby. With that said, a moderate serving of root beer here and there to satisfy a craving should pose no health threats to the mother or baby. Again, it’s best as an occasional treat versus an everyday staple beverage.

6 Tips for Drinking Root Beer During Pregnancy

Tips for Drinking Root Beer During Pregnancy

Check the label. 

It’s always a good idea to check the nutrition label of any root beer you plan on drinking during pregnancy. This allows you to confirm the caffeine and sugar content per serving. Pay attention to added sources of caffeine like guarana. You can also go for naturally caffeine-free brands, like Mug Root Beer.

Consider the sugar content. 

The general recommendation for women is to consume less than 25 grams of added sugar daily. Root beer is generally very high in added sugars. Drinking too much on a regular basis could negatively impact your nutrition and health goals during pregnancy. If you choose to drink root beer, enjoy it in moderation as an occasional treat.

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Opt for non-alcoholic varieties. 

There are alcohol-containing root beer varieties on the market. However, no amount of alcohol is determined to be safe during pregnancy. Stick to certified non-alcoholic options during pregnancy. Popular brands like A&W and Mugs are alcohol-free root beer choices. 

Choose caffeine-free options. 

Remember, root beer is naturally caffeine-free. Some brands add caffeine to the product so read labels for caffeine content. Going with caffeine-free varieties of root beer means zero caffeine intake from that beverage. A&W root beer is caffeine-free and a readily available example of a naturally caffeine-free root beer.

Watch portion sizes. 

Like other sodas, drinking excessive portions of root beer can displace healthier beverage choices and overload the diet with extra added sugars. Stick to small can portions instead of an entire bottle if enjoying root beer during pregnancy.

Discuss with your healthcare provider. 

As with any part of your diet and lifestyle during pregnancy, talk to your doctor, midwife, or dietitian about specific concerns regarding root beer intake. They can provide individualized guidance based on medical history, habits, and individual needs or risks.

Does Root Beer Have Caffeine In It? 

Root beer is naturally caffeine-free and safe for pregnancy, but mindful of caffeinated brands and added sugar. 

In conclusion, while popular brands of root beer are traditionally and naturally caffeine-free, some brands may add small amounts of caffeine from ingredients like guarana, which provides around 0-22 mg per serving, according to Caffeine Informer. 

As long as intake is moderate and limited to an occasional treat satisfying cravings, the amount of caffeine in a root beer with added caffeine is generally considered safe to drink during pregnancy. Always read labels carefully and check with your provider if you have any concerns about caffeine intake during this time. Root beer or not– be sure to listen to your body and drink plenty of water!

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