10 Snacks For Hospital Bag Pregnancy

Snacks For Hospital Bag Pregnancy

Giving birth is no joke! It can take hours or even days of hard work. In fact, giving birth has been compared to running a marathon. So it’s super important to fuel like it and keep your energy and hydration up while you’re in labor. The right snacks can give you the fuel, fluids, and nutrients you need to keep on pushing–pun intended!

Do yourself a favor and pack some tasty, satisfying snacks in your hospital bag. You probably won’t want a three-course meal between contractions, but a light and fueling snack can be super helpful. A recent study, among many others, has underscored the benefits of a light meal during labor. While fasting during labor is common practice in some places, current evidence doesn’t support this recommendation in most cases. It’s worth a discussion with your provider. 

You might crave carbs or something spicy or sweet before or after the birth. Other times, hunger pains might strike, and you’ll need something more filling. Pack a variety of goodies to satisfy all of your needs–sweet, salty, comforting, light, hearty, you name it, while keeping it nourishing!

Now, packing snacks for labor requires some strategy. You have to think ahead since your bag will often be packed and waiting for a few weeks before go-time. You’ll want to choose a few things that will keep well without refrigeration. And you’ll probably want options that leave plenty of room for all the other stuff you need!

In this post, I’ll share a roundup of the best snacks to tuck into your hospital bag for labor and delivery! Let’s dive right in!

10 Snacks For Hospital Bag Pregnancy

10 Snacks For Hospital Bag Pregnancy

Your due date is almost here! I know you’re probably wondering if or what snacks to throw into your hospital bag! Every hospital is different, but if your birthplace allows you to eat while laboring and food doesn’t sound gross, eat something that is easily digestible, like these 10 snacks below.

I’ve got some tasty snack ideas for your hospital bag that’ll hit the spot. These snacks help provide energy for labor and recovery. If your birthplace does not allow eating during labor, these are still great snacks to have before you leave for the hospital or when you are recovering after delivery. 

Certain snacks check all the boxes–shelf-stable, nutrient-dense, hydrating, energizing, and delicious. Check them out below:

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Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is an excellent choice for your hospital bag snacks. It is a concentrated source of energy and carbohydrates to help fuel the marathon of labor and delivery. And since dried fruit generally has a longer shelf life, you can pack it into your bag way ahead of time!

Raisins are a classic go-to, but you can switch it up with tasty banana chips or sweet, chewy dried mango. I recommend choosing a dried fruit free from added sugars.  

Another option is dried dates, which provide nourishment and much-needed energy. They can also be used in so many recipes. While dates won’t induce labor, they have been shown to possibly help make labor “easier” in research. Perhaps by helping to shorten the time spent in the second stage of labor. You can check out my post, “9 Best Dried Fruits For Pregnancy” for some of the other best dried fruits for pregnancy and labor.


Nuts are another awesome choice. They are delicious and packed with healthy fats and some protein to keep your energy up during labor or replenish after delivery. Pistachios for a salty crunch? Sweet cashews or almonds? Walnuts? You do you! 

The best part? Nuts are another shelf-stable item you can stash in your hospital bag weeks ahead of time. Toss in a variety of this protein-powered snack to munch between contractions, and you’re good to go!

10 easy snacks for your labor bag

Trail Mix

Whether you make your own or grab a pack, trail mix is chock full of the good stuff. The protein, healthy fats, and calories will keep you fueled up through labor. Plus, most trail mixes contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium to help you replenish.

If you want to DIY it, toss in nuts like cashews, pistachios, almonds, or whatever you love. Dried fruit for sweetness, like dried cranberries, banana chips, or dates, is another good addition. Don’t forget seeds for crunch, like pumpkin or sunflower. You can also add some popcorn or a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips!

Whole-Grain Crackers

If you’ve had morning sickness, you know crackers can be a lifesaver when you’re feeling queasy. Well, contractions can make you feel kind of nauseous, too. So, it can be super helpful to have some bland crackers for when nausea strikes!

Avoid anything too flavorful. Instead, go for a plain option like whole-grain crackers. If you’re feeling nauseous during labor, consider pulling them out and grabbing a few bites. They’ll help settle your stomach and curb nausea.

Applesauce Pouches

Don’t sleep on applesauce pouches for your hospital bag snacks. They’re easy to eat and provide easily digestible carbohydrates to keep your energy up. Applesauce is very easy on the tummy, making it perfect for when you’re contracting. And the pouches don’t need refrigeration or anything fancy–just grab and go. If you prefer them cold, grab some ice in the hospital and chill them, or pack an ice pack!

Between contractions, you can squeeze in a quick applesauce pouch fix. It’ll give you a good burst of energy in moments, and the best part is that it’s so easy to eat and digest!

Low-Sugar Electrolyte Beverages

Electrolytes can be a great solution to quick hydration needs, especially during times of water loss, like when sweating or when experiencing vomiting or diarrhea. All three of these can happen during labor and delivery.

You can easily add a packet to your water bottle to help replenish and support hydration! There’s a large variety of options on the market. I recommend choosing one free from artificial sweeteners and low or without added sugar, like Needed (affiliate link).

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Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are high in protein, easy to digest, and filling — exactly what you need when you’re running a marathon like labor and delivery. Make some ahead of time and stash them in your bag with an ice pack when it’s time to go. Then enjoy some hard-boiled eggs for the much-needed protein kick that your body needs for smooth labor and delivery.

Yogurt Pouches

Don’t forget yogurt pouches for your hospital bag! They’re super convenient with an ice pack and easy on your tummy when you’re contracting. The protein, carbs, and fat will keep you fueled and satisfied. 

Greek yogurt is a great choice because it’s higher in protein. In general, yogurt pouches are gentle enough when your stomach gets queasy, amidst many other benefits. Just grab and squeeze for an energizing snack!

10 Snacks For Hospital Bag Pregnancy

Granola Bars

Granola bars are useful for your hospital bag. They’re easy to pack, take up little to no space, and they are a source of simple-to-digest carbohydrates or fuel. With so many flavors, you can pick your favorites–whether you’re craving chocolatey, nutty, fruity, or chewy.

Lots of granola bars have oats, too, which may help support breastmilk supply if you plan to breastfeed. However, that’s based on mostly anecdotal reports. Either way, carbohydrates help give you energy for the hard work of labor. So, toss granola bars into your hospital bag for an on-the-go snack when you need a quick pick-me-up. 

Protein Bars

Protein bars and drinks are clutch for long labors, including increasing patient satisfaction during labor. They’ll help keep you full and energized, even after hours of contracting. Stick with options that you’re familiar with and have tried before! Eating something you know your body responds well to is helpful. 

Protein bars can also be awesome if you’re dealing with gestational diabetes. The protein helps keep blood sugar steady, way more than a granola bar. Be sure to read the label and choose one low in added sugar, though. It’s best to consume protein bars in moderation during labor, up to one bar per day. 

For a complete guide on protein bars and powders for pregnancy, join The Prenatal Nutrition Library. Try it for 50% OFF your first month with code 50 off. 

10 Snacks For Hospital Bag Pregnancy

Prepare for labor like you would a marathon, which includes packing snacks in your hospital bag if you can!

Labor is intense and demanding. You’ll usually be awake way longer than usual and expending a good deal of energy. If you plan to nurse, breastfeeding requires a lot of energy demands, too. Plus, you never know what you’ll have access to during your hospital stay.

We’ve heard from many partners that they also appreciate extra snacks packed in the hospital bag. Especially if the hospital’s vending machine doesn’t provide the most nourishing or diverse selections!

Every hospital/birthing center has different protocols as far as eating during labor, but if they allow you, definitely eat while things are moving along! Being prepared with tasty, healthy pregnancy snacks means you’ve got great options if hunger strikes during labor or while recovering. Good snacks are a must-have when it comes time to pack your hospital bag. 

If you want more guidance on preconception and pregnancy nutrition, check out The Prenatal Nutrition Library (TPNL). It’s a searchable library of evidence-based nutrition information for before and during pregnancy. There are also expert-crafted trimester-specific meal plans–you can download my FREE 1-week meal plan for pregnancy to have a taste of what’s inside!

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